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Max Elevation



Max Elevation is a renovation and addition to an existing semi-detached 1980s residential development located at one of the highest peaks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The existing 80s twin 2-story’s roofs were removed  to allow two additional floors and a roof deck which provides views to center city 10 miles away.  To address the street, the entrances are relocated to the fronts, the raised decks are relocated to the rear, and sidewalks are added.  The symmetry of the existing twins is also broken down by subtracting out different volumes and playing with the fenestration.  The sunken entrance for each house is different and the top corner is removed at one residence to allow for a private balcony.  Finally, the windows between house align vertically but vary in size and location horizontally.

Category.  Residential 

Client.  Private Developer

Location.  Manayunk, Pa

Type.  Renovation & Addition

Status.  Under Construction

Size.  4,600 Sf

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