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Mixed Use / 115,000 sq ft  /  Philadelphia, PA


The landscape presented a challenging set of natural and legal constraints. The resulting boundaries, particular to each site, suggested differing approaches to intervention.

Massing Studies.jpg

Stand - 19 Story

Lay - 11 Stories

Right Angle - 8 Stories

Bent - 7 Stories

 Split - 6 Stories

 Stand/Lay - 6/11 Stories

 Bent/Split 5 Stories

Massing Studies

A series of massings and orientations were explored to find the optimal site relationships. Each building took a unique form to relate to its particular site conditions.

05 Site Diagram.jpg

Selected Massing

The 'Split' massing was picked to best fit with the landscape and to maximize efficiency of the construction method.  

Typical Plan.jpg
01 Checker Facade Diagram [Converted].jp
02 Detail Checker.jpg
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Courtyard view